September 24, 2018

Watch for our Iguana Uber EnFuego 10X Pepper Sauce coming soon! Featuring a well-rounded base of tropical fruits & vegetables, balanced with herbs & spices, and of course a healthy dose of Bhut jolokia peppers (AKA Ghost/Naga jolokia peppers) for our spicier fanbase!

And if you need something to spice up your life while you wait for our new sauce to be available, you can check out these bad boys:

Tabasco Scorpion Sauce sells out within hours as hot sauce category soars…

August 14, 2017

Our fearless leader Tom Nuijens aka "The Nooge" gives props to his famous nephew…

April 10, 2015

We're Expecting! February 2, 2015 to be exact…

January 9, 2015

Half Moon Bay's latest greatest new BeeSting® Brand product - and a ragingly-popular flavor-profile to boot! BeeSting "Quasi-Thai" SíRacha Chili Sauce.
In case you didn't know… the real name comes from a small coastal Thailand town - SíRacha… where it originated. Say goodbye to Sriracha… hello SíRacha! Stay tuned for updates.

JULY 3, 2013 - New Pirates Blend CocoMango Sauce

December 15, 2014

Chosen as one of Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert's hits of the week on Supermarketguru.com.  At a 87... it's a HIT!

New Pirates Blend Garlapeño Sauce a Top Pick

February 29, 2012

New Pirates Blend Garlapeño Sauce chosen as one of Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert's top picks of the week on Supermarketguru.com. At a 93... it's a HIT!


IGGY rocks the "Rachael Ray Show"

January 17, 2012

Iguana RadioActive Atomic Pepper Sauce was among 14 hot pepper sauces chosen for Rachael Ray's Hot Sauce Challenge...and we killed the competition.

Half Moon Bay Trading Co.'s Iguana RadioActive Atomic Pepper Sauce was among 14 hot pepper sauces that Rachael and actress Cheryl Hines tasted on the January 17, 2007 episode of The Rachael Ray Show. Not only did our sauce arouse their taste buds, it was the only sauce whose packaging piqued the pair's curiosity.