Shipping Rates & Policies

Payment Options:

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  • Money Order
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* Credit Card Information provided within this Web site is encrypted via a secure certificate.

Damage Claims, Shortages & Returns:

Half Moon Bay Trading Co. will not process reshipments for damage claims and shortages without the following procedures properly adhered to:

  1. If you receive goods in person and sign the delivery receipt without inspecting your shipment, you are fully responsible for any damages. Half Moon Bay Trading Co. will not accept damages that are not noted to the carrier's driver and recorded on the delivery receipt or damage report. This signed document is needed to file a claim with DHL, UPS or any of the carriers we use.
  2. In the event of damaged products being received, all freight carriers demand that you, the consumer, retain all outer & inner packaging materials associated with the shipment for possible inspection. Do not throw anything away for at least 10 days.
  3. All orders should be checked immediately and compared to the invoice that is shipped with the order. If the product is short of what the invoice indicates, please have the driver sign the delivery receipt noting what items are missing. If any are damaged, please have the driver make a note of it on the delivery receipt or bill of lading.
  4. Shortages and damages documented properly will be immediately reshipped via similar means to the customer.

Receipts and Confirmation

** Please e-mail us for shipping quotations on larger orders. Allow up to 2 weeks to receive your order, although 1 week should be the norm. Your charge receipt will be included with your order. Please e-mail customer service if you have questions about your order.