Fan Mail

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I believe that you must be wonderful people. I eat more burritos than any one person should, and the search for hot sauces has lasted almost two decades. I think I'm going to put some in my oatmeal. Or my coffee. I can't get enough. Then I found your website on the side of the bottle when I was slurping out some of that sweet slurry onto the burrito of the day. OMG, y'all. -David B., Tennessee

I have been in Costa Rica for about a year and after the first few weeks of eating Casados every day, eating became a tiresome chore. I find most of the local brans so bland/mild I was going through terrifying quantities and barely awakening my taste buds. Then I found your Habanero pepper sauce and almost cried the first time I tried it (ok, that might be in part to using my typical half-bottle the first go, but you get the idea). Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please don't go anywhere. Today I bought every bottle from the local supermarket just in case, but as I want to put this stuff in my coffee at the moment I'm not sure how long my supply is going to last. - Jonathan H., San Jose, Costa Rica

I was at Ceasers Palace with my wife this weekend and i'm embarrased to say that we "borrowed" a bottle of Iguana Gold Habenero in her purse after being blown away by its taste. We then took and used it on everything and everywhere we went. Sadly it's empty now. - Greg M., Washington

You guys make the best sauce ever. I cannot get enough of the radioactive sauce. I tell everyone that comes through to try it, and it's always a hit! - Derick S., New Mexico