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We currently have a few items on backorder. Any orders that include these items will be shipped out on December 14th/17th. We will send you an email to confirm that we received your order. Any item on backorder will have a note on its item page that says it is on backorder.


Are you a catsup lover? We ordered too much of it and now we need YOUR help! This product is close-dated, with a best-by date set for the end of December 2018, so we're practically giving it away! This is a deal you CAN'T miss! Right now, if you purchase one bottle or case of our Iguana Lightning Hot n' Spicy Catsup, you'll get two more of the same size FREE! Just add one bottle/case to your cart and be amazed when two extra bottles/cases show up at your door FREE!

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Summer Heat Bumming You Out?

Try this on for size - our tanks will keep you cool all summer long, and they're on sale! Look good, feel good - find 'em HERE.

Cocomango is back!

After a brief hiatus, our CocoMango is back in stock and just in time for summer! Just open and pour on whatever you're cookin' up. Makes a great marinade and is terrific for summer grilling. 

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Pirates Blend Tropical Condiments Gift Basket

This selection of 3 of our venerable Pirates Blend Condiment sauces, plus our award-winning Tamarindo Bay Steak Sauce will make the chef of the house a happer camper. Original Caribbean Condiment (the classic Costa Rican table sauce you know & love - but better), Garbanero & Garlapeno Garlic Sauces, and fruit & spice based Tamarindo Bay Steak Sauce... with 2 of our most popular 2oz Iguana Deuces Pepper Sauces thrown in; Bold Gold Habanero and Rockin' Red Habanero for personal heat adjustment. All utilizing fresh tropical fruits, vegetables, herbs, & spices from Costa Rica. Shrink-wrapped with a set of our awesome recipe cards. Four 10oz bottles plus two 2oz bottles. 44 fl. oz. total.

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Iguana & BeeSting "Core Collection" Hot Pepper Sauce Gift Basket

From mild to wild, this selection of 7 of our most popular sauces covers popular flavor-profiles from Caribbean, to Central America and East Asia. Including 4 Iguanas; XXX Habanero, Gold Habanero, Smoky Chipotle and Mean Green Jalapeño… and 3 BeeStings; Honey n' Habanero, Mango-Passion and Pineapple Guava. All imported from our facility in Costa Rica, utilizing the finest, fresh tropical fruits & vegetables. Shrink-wrapped with a set of our fabulous recipe cards. 35 fl. oz. total

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What's for dinner?

Check out these fabulous recipes from Half Moon Bay Trading Company. From savory starters to devilish delights, spice up your favorite dish.

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For Iguana Deuces

No need for a larger bottle. Get your favorite pepper sauce in a 2oz. handy-dandy Deuce size. Live large... Try all 8!

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